Futability is an opensource project inviting to develop this term.


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Welcome to futability.org

What is it?

futability is the discipline asking what is, how, and why, futurable.
The definition of futurable is "Capable of being future".

futability asks the what, how and why.

Asking for the what: needs, demands, anything, e.g. goods.
Asking for the how: >>what<< makes it futurable? what can be done to make/adjust it to be futurable, e.g. the manufacturing of goods.
Asking for the why: finding "because". why or why not? e.g. cleaner environment, less pollution, happier, safer.  

You can use futability not only to check things in regards of its' futurability, but also to find answers and solutions:

Futability for finding (new) answers and solutions:

What? Energy
How: so that it is infinite and clean 
Why: because we need energy, not only more and more as we grow, but for pretty much anything and forever.
Answer: We need a non polluting, non extincting power plant. A solar power plant for example. Windenergy making hydrogene to store the energy for fuel cells for example. The answers are futurable solutions.

Futability for checking existing answers and solutions:
What? Cole power plant for Enery
How: so that it is infinite and clean. Cole power plants need fossile materia to operate. Unless we could harness this forever, it pollutes and disturbs the environment and rest of life.
Why: Because we need energy forever.
Answer: Cole Power plants are not a futurable solution since it uses fossile resources in its' processing of energy. It pollutes the environment in the process of generating energy. It is not futurable.

The possibilities are endless and you are welcome not only to find and give examples, but also to develop this method of finding solutions. It is an opensource project inviting to do just this.

hale-xp, 2015/10/27

Futability is an opensource project inviting to develop this term

Let's make visible questions and what we want the world to be.
We need energy for example. What would be futurable, a fossil burning oil power plant or really clean power from the sun?
Is it doable?
Let's think about it:


How could we achieve for example the energy thing?
Why not go Kickstart/Crowdfund this together?

Or maybe a futability fond? A depot for futurable stuff

Let's do this together!
Please Send your ideas to info@futability.org
The site is under construction and you will have a Wiki, Forum, Blog and Media aria here soon.

Thanks for your visit and check back anytime!


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